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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- British E-Meter Operation - B600210
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CONTENTS British E-Meter Operation
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
CenOCon Place 1 in each British E-Meter

British E-Meter Operation

(see diagram on following page)

To operate the British version of the Electrometer designed under my guidance by Fowler and Allen, a British instrument firm, the following steps must be done at the beginning of each session.

The instrument has a 5,000 ohm calibration knob (a) and switch (b) not present on the U.S. Meter.

Before (or after) plugging in the electrodes at (e), with the tone arm at "off", throw the 5,000 ohm switch (b) downwards from "off". Then turn the instrument on with the tone arm (c) and place the tone arm at 2.

Now move the otherwise unmarked calibration knob (a) left or right until the needle is exactly on "set" on the dial.

Then move the tone arm to the white dot (g) between 2 and 3. The needle should move over to "test". If it does the batteries are properly up (they last a year or more unless you carelessly leave the meter "on" for days when not in use).

Now click the 5,000 ohm switch (b) up to "off".

Hand the pc the electrodes.

Have the pc squeeze the electrodes. The needle should fall 1/3 of the dial or more. Shift the 1–16 sensitivity arm (d) up or down until the pc, squeezing the cans, does, on one squeeze, get a 3rd of a dial drop.

You are now ready to audit.

Keep the needle around the "set" mark. Keep the sensitivity low so that you only get significant readings (not breath or heart beat). Most pcs run around 1 on sensitivity on this meter which is very live. Sticky pcs have to have a higher sensitivity setting.

When finished with the session and the meter, turn the tone arm to "off" or your battery will wear out much faster.

Stow the cord to the electrodes inside the electrodes which are hollow. A little examination will show you how. Then stow the electrodes in the case and close it.

Use the U.S. E-Meter book for all other meter particulars.

If your meter ceases to function ship to Fowler and Allen, 39 Mackenzie Rd, Beckenham, Kent, at your postage expense. Enclose return postage. Unless due to carelessness or breakage, they will service and re-battery your meter. Opening the panel or changing the meter about inside voids the guarantee.