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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Book of Case Remedies - Application of Tech - B650305-2


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
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A sure road to award and glory is to find a new application for an existing Scientology process or principle or book.

The period of the discovery of principles, processes or original works is surely over as we have everything between the snake’s stomach and the high sky by way of natural laws. Inventing and using new processes is a sure way to slow down the advance. There were only so many anyway and it’s been done.

But new ways to apply or disseminate what we’ve got are welcome, welcome, welcome. We’ve not nearly enough of those and we’ll be inventing or seeing them for the next umpty trillion years.

So my hat is off to Beth Fordyce, HCO Area Sec Detroit, U.S.A., who informed us via U.S. Continental of a new use for The Book of Case Remedies for which she’ll receive a bow and appropriate award, to wit her DScn.

Here is her report.

“At the January D.C. Congress, I had some interesting data about The Book of Case Remedies that you (HCO Cont Sec U.S.) thought I ought to write up for Ron because you felt he’d be interested in it. Here it is.

“We’ve had several instances where people have read the remedies and come in to tell me that certain ones ‘fit’ them. Then when they started to tell me which ones specifically, they couldn’t remember them — or they would be able to remember only one. The book obviously indicates by-passed charge, and handles most of the problems. They find out what their problem actually is.

“One fellow who has been ARC broken with Scientology for years (even before I heard of Scn), came in and I asked him to find himself in the remedies. He started reading them, and each one seemed to fit him (except about 3 or 4 of them). I noted them down one by one, as he called them to me. When he finished, I said no more about it.

“Later on — about 15 minutes — he decided he’d better look through those again because he ‘was sure that they didn’t all fit — maybe some of them have changed’. So he went through them again, one by one, and only 3 still seemed to apply — and only ONE of them was strongest, he felt. The other two seemed to have lost their punch.

“He was quite different after that. I also did what the remedy called for, which cleaned it up. The last time I saw him — at our Congress — he not once mentioned the problem he’s always had with eye-spots. (And, frankly, I was afraid at that point to say ‘eye-spots’ to him for fear he’d key it back in again, so I just settled for HIS not mentioning it!)

“As soon as we get our next batch of Remedies, I intend to send at least 4 of them as gifts to people who are badly ARC broken with us. If they actually read them, I know exactly what will happen — they can’t stay ARC broken.


So there’s a wide open door. Try it out on “rough cases” and demand ARC Broken ones do it and write you back or tell you which one it is.