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THE Black Case

In the last bulletin I mentioned that two case types held us up in Dianetics and that I had now solved these ten years after the first book’s writing.

The first type was the case that had so many overts and withholds in this lifetime that it could not be gotten into two way communication. The remedy for this is to get the overts and withholds confessed and run responsibility on these acts.

The second type is the “Black Field” case. The case with a field could not run engrams because he could not see them. Before I started to teach people to audit I never found this case. I didn’t find it because I merely assumed that the case was stuck on the track and I persuaded the case to get unstuck. In May 1950 in teaching a class in Washington, D.C. , I found that at the exact moment of stuck there was sonic, visio and the rest.

After I started teaching people how to audit this case eluded them and after a while I found some that eluded me too. Naturally anyone knowing that this was an unauditable case (for the fact was quite well advertised) used the mechanism to cover up overts and withholds.

The mechanism I am about to give you relieves however any such case and changes it around considerably. This remedy applies not only to Black Field cases but any kind of constant view including invisible fields and stuck pictures.

This formula has proven sufficiently good that the only way to get around it is for the pc to run like the dickens — and you can keep him from doing that by getting off his overts and withholds.

Whether or not you have relieved his overts and withholds, you can use this formula with great profit — and just because it’s simple, let’s keep it as simple as it is. It will work.

In taking hold of a new case, the first thing to do is start the session letter-perfect with rudiments and goals, whether the case has ever been audited before or not. Then ask the person to close his or her eyes and find out what the person is looking at. If it is PT, okay to proceed along any process line. If not PT but a stuck picture, a field or “nothing” at once put the pc on the meter (where he should have been all along) and do a time scout. Pin whatever the person sees in time as exactly as you can, right down to the minute of the day.

This may blow the pc up to PT in some cases. But usually it will only change the view slightly.

Now understand this: If a pc is stuck on the track all the auditing you are doing is around an out of PT area and is not valid for present life. So it is very valuable to handle just what it is that’s sitting there and not scramble it up with any other process than this one.

It does not matter, for this formula, where the pc’s tone arm is located for its reading will be more or less for the stuck incident and not as a result of present life material. So disregard the tone arm and the injunction never to audit a pc with a high tone arm when you are doing this. Attend to the tone arm after you’ve got the pc in PT.

All right, we’ve got the time of the incident. The pc is still sitting there with his eyes closed. His data is very vague, perhaps he may be totally uncooperative. Who cares. Do this anyway.

Run now “What part of that scene you’re looking at could you be responsible for?”

He may give you the most strained or vague answers. That’s all right. This will still work. Keep running it no matter how many times he repeats the same answer.

The picture will start to shift. It may shift with slowness or enormous rapidity or both, but it will shift. Well, just go on and run the process as above right up to PT and then skip it except for noting where he was stuck.

When you have the pc in PT get off his overts and withholds and let the tone arm down. “What would you let me know?” “What would you withhold from me?” alternated will do very well to clean it all up providing you run responsibility on any incident of importance the pc comes up with.

Well, that’s the case that couldn’t see pictures. That’s the psychologist who says they don’t exist. That’s the rough case that wouldn’t move on the track.

Despite all the randomity I’m getting some things done lately, eh?

L. RON HUBBARD LRH:js.jh.cden