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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditors Rights Modified (CSS-081R) - B720616R75

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Исправленные Права Одитора (Серия КС 81RA) - Б720616RA
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(Revisions in this type style on next page
to make D of P and D of Ts stats very clear)
Remimeo CS Series 81R


It occasionally (rarely) happens that an HGC's line stops and programs do not get finished and pcs go unaudited or sent to Ethics or Cramming instead of getting their programs completed.

It also happens that a D of P becomes incapable of getting auditors to audit per the schedule he writes.

121/2 hour intensives drop out. Auditing falls back to the bit and piece game.

The C/S finds all his work in programming wasted as the programs stale date or just get abandoned.

Hours fall. Lines tangle. Tech Services cannot get assignments done.

The major why of this and many such confusions can be traced to an abuse of "Auditors' Rights" in picking and choosing pcs on the grounds of "feeling they cannot help the pc".

This "right" is also abused by auditors seeking pcs who F/N easily at the Examiner.

See HCO B 15 June 72, C/S Series 80, "Dog Pcs".

The refusal to audit is in fact an admission, in most cases, of a feared inability to audit.

Therefore, an auditor may only refuse to audit a pc if a direct personal relationship exists such as husband and wife or some friend's wife or familial relationship.

An auditor advising others about this or that "dog case" or seeking to exclude pcs from auditing by abusing his "right to choose pcs" is subject to CommEv and suspension of certificates until retreaded.

For the real why of it is his inability to handle TRs, meter, use the Code or apply Tech.

Nearly every "Dog Pc" has out lists or incomplete chains or is not being run on what needs to be handled. In other words they are simply problems in repair which modern tech handles easily. The drug case who is audited on grades but has had no drug rundown is an example of misprogramming.

The C/S can get many loses and the whole HGC go into a bedlam where you have auditors refusing to audit. Their reasons given are false. The real reasons involve fast F/Ns and bonuses or out TRs, metering, Code breaks and tech.

The D of P has a right, and so does Tech Services, to assign pcs to such and such auditors in the sequence listed without a lot of pick and choose by the auditors.

A C/S has a right to get his programs completed.

12 1/2 hour intensive plans blow up where auditors choose their own pcs.


The stats of C/Ses and auditors may only be Hours Audited with FES and admin hours separately noted.

The D of P's stat may only be fully completed cases.

When the stats are this way the C/S can get his programs done without worry.

The D of P can get cases completed.

The D of Tech Services has only completed cases and course completions-for a stat.


Sanity is truth.

Truth is sanity.

The road to truth is begun with honesty.

There was the story of the "man who sold his soul for a mess of pottage" (soup). We could parallel this with the Auditor who sold his case gain for a mess of false stats.

An honest clean job and an honest clean line are the milestones of the road to truth.