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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditing the PC on Clear Procedure - B580408
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We must not lose sight of the fact that only TWO processes clear a pc. All others only support these TWO and make it possible to run these two.

These processes are:

1. Help, CCH Ob

2. Step 6, Mock-ups. Keep it from going away, Hold it still, Make it more solid.

First in auditing we have to get pc to sit there and be willing to be audited. We have for this many processes. Best is TR 5 ”You make that body sit in that chair” ”Thank you”.

Next we are continually confronted with keeping pc in session. This is done with good ARC. No process can supplant good auditor ARC. Pc must know auditor is interested in him. This does not mean auditor does not control pc or let him gabble but it does mean that pc and auditor have ARC.

The next condition which must be met is the eradication of present time problems.

This is done by ”What part of that problem could you be responsible for?”

Psychosomatics may come under head of a p.t. Problem. One runs hellos and okays on the terminal to improve reality on it. ”Say hello to that (body part) — have it say okay to you. Have it say hello to you. You say okay to it.” One can also run”What part of that (body part) can you be responsible for?” One can also have pc mock up”unknown (body part)”. One can also clear help on that body part. As a psychosomatic is a concentration of attention it fulfills the condition of a p. t. Problem which is ”any worry that keeps a pc out of session, which worry must exist in present time in the real universe”. One can run all of these on a resistant psychosomatic.

One should clear help on objects and terminals connected with the pc’s job.

One should clear help on the terminals of the various dynamics.

With an E-Meter needle nul and free on help, one can go to Step 6. This doesn’t mean that one should not later return to help. It may be Step 6 must be approached with S-C-S and Connectedness. The needle will tell. A heavily stuck needle is worse than a wildly surging one. Connectedness clears stuck needles.

Step 6 can be run just as in the book ”Clear Procedure.” [See page 172.] If it is too tough for pc, run help and responsibility on pictures.

Then complete Step 6 with great thoroughness.

Rising Scale Processing Modern Version is very good. However, even though it works low scale, it is in reality an OT process, not a clear process. Rising Scale can be run on any consideration. The basic is”Get the idea it is impossible to reach anything”.”Now Postulate that you can reach everything.” There is no fancier version. There are other buttons besides reach. The basic command is get the idea negative. Postulate the positive.

This is clearing. It works as well as one directly approaches the task of clearing with the above.

But clearing cannot happen in the presence of

1. A present time problem not flat.

2. Poor auditor-pc ARC.

3. Putting the pc at the effect end of life in or out of session during an intensive.

4. Detouring into contributory processes in the belief they will clear rather than set up a case. And

5. Leaving untouched zones of irresponsibility and zones of refused help.

I wish you good luck in clearing.


[PAB 142, Auditing the Pc on Clear Procedure, 15 August 1958, is taken from this HCO B.]