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Almost any failure you have ever had with an auditor or in auditing came from Auditor Comm Lags or errors.

This is a vital datum. It came to light from applying the rule — ask the pc what the auditor did after any failed session and get it corrected in the auditor.

SPEED is the main factor behind the mystery of a failed session.

In AUDITING OTs the speed the auditor must have is far greater than required by just in off the street. This speed factor is the real REASON why OTs were at first considered very hard to audit on Dianetics.

All this also applies to VIII auditing and training.

The better an auditor knows his TRs, his processes, his meter and admin the faster he can operate.

If you train auditors only up to slow, comm laggy handling of a session you will get a lot of mysteriously “failed sessions”, ending with the TA high and the pc very low!

A somewhat slow auditor auditing a new pc may be fast enough to get away with it.

Put him on a person whose Dianetics is finished and some grades in, he begins to have a few “case failures”.

Now put him to auditing reviews or Dianetics on a Pre OT and all sessions fail.

The remedy is to speed the auditor up with TRs 101, 102, 103, 104.

In assigning auditors you only dare assign fast ones to Pre OTs.

For 19 years this hidden speed factor has lain behind the vast majority of our “failed sessions”. As it never appeared on the session reports (except as excessive admin for which the pc must have had to wait) anyone doing D of P work or C/S work was in mystery and tended to get desperate and even squirrel (change and invent processes).

The only other source of failure was the physically ill aspect. This has just been verified in a series of over one hundred cases. Dianetics combined with Scientology reviews progressed splendidly on all but about seven and these who were then physically examined thoroughly were found to have serious and current physical illness.

Speed and accuracy then is the stress of all training and the lack of it is the source of all auditing failures on pcs who are not severely ill.

Even the latter respond once their purely physical illness is properly handled.