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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditing Past Exterior (INTRD-06) - B700411R

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Одитинг После Экстеризации (Серия ИНТ РД 6) - Б700411R78
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Interiorization Rundown Series 6



On Flag where we do a lot of auditing on pcs when I took over C/Sing after 8 months off C/S lines, I found a very high percentage of cases had been audited past exterior. It was a very high percentage.

Many of these pcs (most of them VAs or on OT levels) had various symptoms:

The common denominator was „audited over exterior. “

The main symptom of this was high TA at session start or TA up at Examiner after F/Ns, Cog, VGIs at session end. Not all however suffered from high TA but all who had high TA after lots of auditing had been audited past exterior.

The first (1970) version of the above-referenced HCOB (now HCOB 4 Jan 71R) re exteriorization and interiorization was tested and written as the breakthrough which permits auditing after exteriorization and going on up the grades.

The check even after this showed such a high percent of cases had been audited past exterior on Dianetics, Scn, Power, Clearing or OT grades that I wish to bring the point home emphatically to C/Ses that it is of major importance to handle this situation by checking for it and running interiorization.

NOTE: Per HCOB 12 Sep 78, Urgent Important, Dianetics Forbidden On Clears And OTs, Clears and OTs and Dianetic Clears would not now be audited on the routine Interiorization RD (Int RD Series 2), as they are not to be run on Dianetics. Dianetic Clears, Clears and above may be audited on the End of Endless Int Repair RD, which runs Int by Recall. (Ref: HCOB 24 Sep 78, Issue I, Int RD Series 4, Urgent Important, The End Of Endless Int Repair RD.) A Clear or OT who then has any further unresolving Int problems should, as soon as possible, be handled at an AO.

The standard C/S for any other pc who has exteriorized in auditing, has high TA, headaches, body aches, heavy pressures or discomfort (any of these), is to order a check on interiorization, exactly per the steps given on HCOB 4 Jan 71R, Exteriorization And High TA, The Interiorization Rundown Revised. Then, if Int is found to be charged, the person is given the Int Rundown.

When the Int Rundown steps are completed, in a separate session some time within the next few days, this C/S must be done:

1. Two-way comm on interiorization and exteriorization.

This pushes the cognition further. The pc may not have added it all up yet. Don’t evaluate. Just question and listen with no Q and A.


Pcs or pre-OTs can go up to higher grades after exteriorization if interiorization is run. This is even true of Dianetic Clears. For Clears, OTs and Dianetic Clears, however, Int can only be run using the End of Endless Int Repair RD as referenced above.

We are far more successful in early auditing (such as Dianetics and lower grades) than we think!