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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditing Folders, Omissions in Completeness (CSS-098) - B761028

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Папки Одитинга, Упушения в Плане Завершенности (Серия КС 98) - Б761028
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(Also issued as HCO PL28 Oct 76, same title)
Remimeo All HCOs All Tech Divs All courses CS Series 98


(Ref: HCO PL 26 OCT 76 Issue I HCO B 26 OCT 76)

Omissions from folders and complete loss of folders is a very serious matter.

A Case Supervisor, as well as a Folder Error Summary Auditor and the Auditor himself can be impeded greatly by folder omissions. Loss of folders entirely is a much greater catastrophe.

While cases and even folders can be reconstructed and eventually handled (at enormous trouble and time to the pc and technical people) this does not minimize the offense.

Usually Folder Pages are regarded too lightly as a post and are subject to much transfer even when posted. The Director of Tech Services is often far too lax in posting a Folder Archives I/C even as a double hat. Space restrictions often impede the careful preservation of folders in orgs. But all these posts and spaces are vital to a smooth delivery of auditing and should not be lightly looked upon.

The commonest (and most senseless) omissions from folders are:

1. Word Clearing Worksheets. These are done in Academies or training or Interne areas as well as the HGC and it is often an omitted action to forward them to the person’s pc folder. Often the lines to do so are unknown or completely missing. Yet every metered word clearing action should not only be the subject of a worksheet but also must be included in the person’s pc folder in date order. Word clearer can fail to F/N a chain or even fail to clear a word as a chain when it doesn’t F/N. Such goofs can mess up cases and leave a C/S perplexed as to how the pc was running well one day and badly the next — yet there is no word clearing worksheet there, so the fact of another auditor on the case is hidden.

2. Qual Why Finding Actions. As why finding also includes listing, possibly the most vicious omission is the failure to include Why Finding worksheets in the person’s folder or even do a worksheet on it. Yet at least one org has been temporarily wrecked by indiscriminate “why finding” in Qual that resulted in wrong items and wrong lists and messed up the cases of whole staffs. This poor why finding has led at times to why finding becoming a restricted or forbidden practice. Qual worksheets of why finding MUST be included in the person’s folder along with any list made which itself must include the question asked.

3. HCO Why Finding. These actions must also be the subject of worksheets and must also be included in the person’s folder.

4. All Sec Checks and Integrity Process Lists and Actions. It doesn’t matter who or what is doing the sec check, the resulting action is not the property of the department or branch or person doing the sec checking. A full worksheet must be made and all such actions done must be included in the routine pc folder of the person.

As it is very vital that a pc’s folder be complete as well as exist, hereinafter the loss of a pc’s folders and the failure to make worksheets and include them in the person’s pc folder shall be actionable by a Committee of Evidence, to be convened by the Senior C/S of an org, and applies to any person or Auditor whether staff, mission or field.