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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditing by Lists (Replaced) (S3) - B650522


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Replaces HCO Bulletin of 23 April 1964
Remimeo Franchise Sthil Students Scientology III

Auditing By Lists

The earlier genus of this process was Sec Checking on the Joburg. With no reference to these, I recently developed for Level III a process called Auditing by Lists. Any list can be used.

As a preview to the process I asked staff member Roger Biddell to use List One. The questions were generalized. Instead of “Have I _______”, “Has there been ________” was used. Otherwise the question remained the same as given in the HCO Bulletin for L. 1. He ran the process for some hours on a preclear with excellent results and summarized my verbal and written instructions as applied.


Use meter at sensitivity 16.

Use ARC Break assessment List 1. The questions asked are generalized and without time limiters.


Begin with List 1. Ask the first line of this list while watching the meter for an instant read.

If the line does not read, say, “That’s clean” and move on to the next line of the list and do the same action with this new line.

If the pc has something to say about a line that is clean, let him say it, acknowledge it and then you ask the next line. Don’t Q and A.

If the line when asked has an instant read say, “That reads” then, “What do you consider this could be?” or, “What considerations do you have about this?”

Let the pc answer all he wants to. While he is giving his considerations, mark down any blowdowns of the TA and what he was talking of at the moment of the blowdown.

When the pc has given all his considerations say, “Thank you. I’ll check the line on the meter” and call the line again. If it instant reads say, “There’s another read here” then again ask for considerations, etc.

Continue these actions until the line goes clean.

When clean say, “That’s clean” then –

“Of what you have told me on this line, what do you consider the main thing to be here?”

When pc has answered say, “Thank you.”

Then, “I want to indicate that the meter gave us our biggest blowdown on ______ (Indicate charge to the pc by repeating the charge named in the question, not the charge announced by the preclear) and that charge had been bypassed on this.“

Then move on to the next line.

When List 1 is completed, and then List 1, then List 1 and so on.

If running correctly, the TA total should increase from session to session. The pc should get more and more blowdowns on his considerations. Then he should get blowdowns on what he considers the main thing is and finally get blowdowns on your indication of the bypassed charge.

Don’t Q and A. Don’t take up or do anything with the pc’s considerations. Don’t ever say, “That still reads.” It’s always “Another read” as “It still reads” makes the pc feel he has not answered the question.

This process gets charge off the case.


[This HCO B was replaced by HCO B 27 July 1965, Auditing by Lists, Volume VI-64, and by HCO B 3 July 1971, Auditing by Lists Revised, Volume VII-316, which also cancelled the 27 July 1965 issue.]