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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Auditing Assignments - B640527

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Sthil Course


(If this bulletin contradicts any existing practice, this bulletin is the correct practice to follow.)

Student auditing assignments are outlined by Auditing Supervisors and checked off by the Case Supervisor on the Auditing Check Sheet.

In general, any student on arrival progresses rapidly up from Level I to Level IV auditing in the general auditing periods, remaining in a level only long enough to demonstrate ability to get TA at that level and perform it beneficially on the pc and get a check out.

Difficult pcs are given special examination and reorientation on O/Ws and the workability of “treatment” or “processing”.

The student then passes into the comm cycle processes of the Level VI check sheet and all further auditing prior to Classification examination (before entering Level VI Co-Audit) is devoted to the skills and drills required of a Level VI Auditor.

After Classification examination, upon passing, the student enters into the Level VI Co-Audit.

The first action in the Level VI Co-Audit is to find parts of existence the pc may be hung up in and somewhat release the pc from them by this lifetime considerations of the part of existence found. It does not matter if these parts found are in the GPMs or not. The action here is destimulative in intent not restimulative.

The student is then entered upon Actual GPMs and auditing progresses on these exactly as directed and in no other way until the completion of the case.


It is no part of instruction to hang the student auditor up at Levels I to IV or to unnecessarily prolong stays in “Level Units”. The entire matter is one of demonstrated skill not time spent.

Students on course, by the general one-upmanship, may knock about lower level students with high-powered material for which the lower student is not ready. This sometimes causes restim at lower levels. This restim is not to be handled in any other way than getting BMRs in upon the week or by considerations during a certain specified time such as “This week, what considerations have you had about” whatever the restim was.

Students trying to do Track Analysis during sessions in lower units than the Level VI Co-Audit or generally prepchecking any of the materials of Level VI should be given heavy technical infractions.

Lower level materials, Itsa, repetitive processes, and particularly General O/W are quite adequate to handle any student case difficulty. Dabbling with goals or Items or GPMs at these levels is expressly forbidden. The only exception is a prepcheck at Level IV on known wrong goals previously found on the pc, and this is done only when ordered by an Auditing Supervisor.

It is to be particularly noted by the Case Supervisor that students trying to “blow” do so only after the matter has not been confronted and handled in routine supervision. Left unhandled, situations become blows.

Rapidity of course progress depends in large measure on rigid adherence to the Auditing levels as above.

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