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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Assists for Injuries - B671022-2

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
HQS Co-Audit (HCOB 9 OCTOBER 1967 with additional information for use on the HQS Co-audit)


Do not run a touch assist when the exact spot is available for a Contact Assist.

In a Contact Assist you take the person to the exact spot where the accident occurred. Then have him duplicate exactly what happened at the time of the incident.

For instance, if he hit his head on a pipe, have him go through the action of putting his head against the exact spot on the pipe, having the pipe also touch the exact spot on his head. He should be duplicating the whole thing. That is, the rest of his body should be in the position it was at the time of the accident. If the object is hot, you let it cool first, if current was on you turn it off before doing the Assist.

If he had a tool in his hand, or was using one, he should be going through the same motions with it.

Have the person repeat this several times, until the somatic occurs again. It will occur and blow off when he exactly duplicates it.

Ask him how it's going; has the somatic occurred. End when you get this phenomena of it turning on and blowing off. The full End Phenomena is Pain Gone and Cognition.

If the spot is not available, you do a Touch Assist. This is run on both sides of the body. It is run until the somatic turns on and then blows.

It is run around the injury and especially below the injury, i.e. , further from the head than the injury.

It is a good idea to have the person shut his eyes so that he is definitely looking "through" the area of the injury in order to tell that you are touching him.

Just use a simple command like "Feel my finger. Thank you."

Before or after the Assist, depending on the seriousness of the injury, report the injury to the Medical Officer. Report also the Assist, length of time, somatics, nature of the injury, how it was run and on whom, in writing. Following the session the pc should be taken to the Examiner.

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