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Clarifying how to do assessment on the Pre-Hav Scale, Primary and Secondary:

Assess Primary Pre-Hav. Locate most reactive level by most reactive needle response. If several levels react, clarify them by asking about one, then another, very briefly.

At the Primary Level you discovered (say “withhold”) move over to Secondary Scale (say, Withhold Secondary) for that level. In the same way as on the Primary Scale, find the most reactive verb on the Secondary Scale (say the Withhold Secondary).

Run that verb only. Don't try to run nothing but that Secondary Scale for the next 5000 hours. Run only the one verb, made up into a multi-bracket command.

When that one verb no longer produces Tone Arm motion (less than 1/4 of a TA Division of motion in 20 minutes of auditing means flat, get off) the “level” assessed is flat.

You now assess again on the Primary Scale. You find the most reactive level of the Primary Scale as before.

Taking this Primary Level you move into its Secondary Scale. You assess the Secondary just like you assess the Primary.

You find one word, (one level) of this Secondary Scale, just one verb that reacts on the needle more than the rest. You choose this one verb. You run it flat on the Tone Arm. You don't reassess inside this Secondary again unless its Primary comes up again in new assessments. You assess newly on the Primary Level, etc.

It is always the same system. You always do the same steps of selection. Find Primary Level. Find the One Point of its Secondary that reacts. Make up a command with brackets. Run the Tone Arm flat. Assess again on the Primary Scale. Go to its Secondary. Find the Secondary. Make up command and run the Secondary flat, etc, etc, etc.

At this writing only one Primary Level has had its Secondary Scale issued. That is Change which belongs at Inverted Control. But as this is written, all the Secondary Scales for 65 levels of the new Primary Scale are sitting in a box near my desk, being mimeoed one by one. Mary Sue, Jan and Dick Halpern assisted in the assembly for nights on end or it wouldn't have been ready for 20 years if done by Ford Foundation or U of Pishtush standards.

So very shortly you will have all Secondary Levels complete. I will later cull them out and arrange them a bit neater in gradients but you need them and so they are being mimeographed and sent as they are.

When you have them all, don't do as one person did — read that you ran the “Secondary Level” and so ran every one of the words in the whole Secondary Scale without further assessment. Ruined more pcs it did.

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