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Remimeo Dian Chksht VIII Chksht Case Supervisors


One does not in actual fact Case Supervise against results.

Case Supervision is done against the thoroughness and exactness of technical application.

To give an auditor a well done when he has made a technical flub (despite a good result on the pc) is to hang the auditor with a win. The next time he does the same thing he is liable to get a resounding lose.

In looking over folders one C/Ses against Standardness of application. The tech takes care of the rest.

For a long time, auditing was "what you could get away with". It no longer is. It is the act of holding a standard. Only in that way does one get 100% wins.

In assigning what is to be done with a pc or pre-OT, one seeks to keep the case progressing or winning.

The Case Supervisor's action is to get the case audited as long as possible! Any impulse to get the case off one's lines will be a losing one.

Cases progress in exact ratio to the amount of charge gotten off. They do not progress by magic buttons designed just for that case.

The "sudden" big wins are the result of the accumulated effect of getting charge off.

It is of course charge of a certain type and that type is contained in the Case Supervisor's book, in the mechanics of Dianetics and Scientology.

Early on (using Standard Tech) the worse off (more shallow) the case is, the faster it F/Ns. The pc is reaching no depth. An example is someone who cannot get into or run past lives. They F/N almost at once on any process. This does not mean they are at once "clear" or released. It means they are like a coiled spring. When you touch them something flies off.

The Case Supervisor on such a case works hard to keep them running Dianetics. The task is finding something to audit, not to complete pcs.

When the Dianetics Grade was missed, people F/Ned their way straight on up to OT VI, still wondering where their headache came from.

This doesn't mean that in Scientology you by-pass F/Ns. It means that the Case Supervisor prepares the case.

The finance statistic of orgs is assisted by attempts to stretch out auditing and is harmed by fast brush-off "completions".

The reputation of the org is also harmed because the field fills up with shallowly run partially solved cases.

Tech is so fast today that only now can a Case Supervisor work at attempting to prolong a pc in auditing.

The statistic of an HGC should be the number of successful auditing hours delivered, not the number of pcs completed.

Therefore the Case Supervisor is alert to the inability or ability of a pc or pre-OT to go backtrack, to the number of engrams the pc runs per chain before erasure, to the number of commands given before F/N on a Scientology process. And by this he can gauge how arduously the case must be worked on.

For example, on a child, a bruised finger yesterday run as an engram F/Ns. In Scientology any grade command will also F/N on clearing it. End result, no real case improvement.

But if you keep at it and at it and at it, gradually gradually the case runs deeper and deeper into the past and confronts heavier and heavier incidents.

Then, as it goes along, the case runs faster and faster, requiring far more "commands per unit of time in session".

Finally the case begins to blow by inspection and, ideally, has what is known as a "Clear Cognition".

Scientology, dealing with the thetan and considerations, is now able to function with total bite.

Power and R6EW really get the pc somewhere.

The Clear and OT sections make him fly.

And you have a real OT.

That is the general Case Supervisor plan.

As the number of hours in actual auditing are now under 50 for audited cases and under another 50 for solo, there is no use at all trying to solve a case fast.

Solve it standardly.

The Case Supervisor book gives you a lot of things to do for certain pc characteristics. One tries if possible to do the lot.

Applying the right C/S direction at the right time is only knowing one's tech.

This is the basic rationale behind C/Sing. It really has no strain. Only poor auditing can mess it up so you police that hard, do the right direction at the right time and let tech do the rest.