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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- ARC Process 1961 - B611130
- Routine 3D Improved Commands of November 30,1961 - B611130

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Процесс АРО 1961 - Б611130
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Important: Flatten this process on all new preclears, HGC Preclears, raw meat Preclears before doing anything else in order to keep them more easily in session and to get your E-Meter to read. The E-Meter knows best on everything but ARC Breaks.

An E-Meter has a frailty I have just discovered. It operates only if the auditor has some, even small, command value over the pc, and operates hardly at all when the auditor has no command value over the pc. Thus rudiments go out only on the ARC break section. When this is out nothing registers on the E-Meter including a casual question about an ARC break. Thus the E-Meter must be supplanted by an auditor’s ability to recognize the existence of an ARC break. But once this is out of the way, the E-Meter is superior to any “knowingness” on the part of the auditor. With this reservation concerning registry of ARC breaks, the meter knows best, and auditors who think they know more than the E-Meter do nothing but get pcs in trouble. But conversely, the auditor who, on asking for ARC breaks (alone), thinks that the E-Meter knows more than he or she does will also err. When the pc has a severe ARC Break it will not register when asked for on the E-Meter, and nothing else will register either. So be sure the pc is willing and able to talk to the auditor after doing goals and before doing room, withholds and PTPs. Model Session will shortly be re-written to accommodate this and the new end question, “Have you done anything in this session to influence the E-Meter?” and Untruths.

Flatten the following:

Do each question several times by itself in order to get off any triggered automaticities and to let the pc get through any misemotion. Then do the whole sequence one time each, over and over consecutively. Get all Tone Arm Motion off the consecutive run before leaving process. Run this process more or less muzzled. Get session started, set goals and Life and Livingness. Then run this process:

1. Who haven’t you been willing or able to talk to about your difficulties?

2. Who could you have talked to about your difficulties?

3. Whose difficulties haven’t you wanted to hear about?

4. Whose difficulties have you been willing to listen to?

This process is run to a still Tone Arm for 20 minutes with needle kept at set.

Future rudiments question in lieu of auditor and ARC Break:

“Do you feel willing to talk to me about your case?”

If negative, run above.

L. RON HUBBARD LRH:esc.vm:rd