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Great News!

I've found the basis of ARC Breaks!

As you know, only a PTP (Present Time Problem) can hold a graph unchanging and only an ARC Break can lower one. Therefore the Anatomy of an ARC Break is more vital to know, as it can worsen, than the anatomy of a PTP. But both are very important and with the overt act and misunderstood words in study form the vital four things anyone should know in auditing Pcs.

The average student has a hard time getting rid of ARC Breaks in others, mostly because he never really finds the ARC Break. One Auditor was sure a Pc had been ARC Broken by "the last few inches of a lecture tape" and was madly calling Washington to borrow the tape so the poor Pc could "listen to it again to cure his ARC Break"! Well I don't mind being cause, but my tape never ARC Broke the Pc. The Auditor just didn't locate the Charge.

The whole trick is to keep cleaning up the ARC Break until the Pc is happy again and then quit. When you find it, that's it. You don't find it and still have an ARC Broken Pc! No, the terribly simple truth is that

1. The Pc is ARC Broken because something happened.

2. The Pc will continue to be ARC Broken until the thing is found.

3. The ARC Break will vanish magically when the source is found.

Finding the ARC Break and indicating it clears the ARC Break. If it doesn't clear on what you find, then you haven't found it!

You must not continue to run a Pc on some process when the Pc is ARC Broken. You must find the ARC Break and clear it.

The Pc will go into a sad effect if you don't find the ARC Break but instead, continue the process. If you think you have found the ARC Break (and haven't) and then go on auditing, the Pc will go into a sad effect.

ARC Broken Pcs are easy to identify. They gloom and mis-emote. They criticise and snarl. Sometimes they scream. They blow, they refuse auditing.

If you can read a lighted neon sign at 10 feet on a dark night, you can detect a Pc who has an ARC Break. Some Auditors can detect them sooner than others. I can see one coming in a Pc 1½ hours of auditing before the Pc starts to get misemotional in earnest. Some newcomer in the business might not detect one until the Pc wraps a chair around the auditor's head. As I say, the ability to perceive one varies. The better you are the sooner you see one. If an auditor's Pc isn't bright and happy, there's an ARC Break there with life or the bank or the session.

The thing to do is find it and clean it up.

And now all is revealed: This is what makes an ARC Break occur:


The Generality

Example of a Generality

"They say you are cold-hearted." "Everybody thinks you are too young." "The People Versus Sam Jones." "The will of the masses."

Case Manifestation

Example: Little boy screaming in rage when he makes a mistake in drawing. Auditor observes little boy is upset. Auditor: "What are you upset about?" Little Boy: (howling) "My drawing is no good!" Auditor: "Who said your drawing is no good?" Little Boy: (crying) "The teachers at school (plural)." Auditor: "What teacher (singular)?" Little Boy: (sobbing) "Not the teachers, the other children (plural)!" Auditor: "Which one of the other children?" Little Boy: (suddenly quiet) "Sammy." Auditor: "How do you feel now?" Little Boy: (cheerfully) "Can I have some ice cream?"

The Formula

1. Ask what the Pc is upset about.

2. Ask who thought so.

3. Repeat the generality the Pc used and

4. Ask for the singular.

5. Keep 3 and 4 going until the Pc is happy.

As it's a near Q and A it should be awfully easy. They name prunes, you say what prune is prunes.


It's quite magical done barehanded or on a meter.


You can miss in English sometimes on YOU. The Pc says YOU are mean. We have no plural or singular signal in the word YOU. Therefore a statement that "YOU are ARC Breaking me" or "YOU ARE MEAN" may not mean, as an egocentric auditor may take it, the auditor but YOU may be being used as THE WHOLE WORLD. The above formula holds 1 to 5. Just find out "Which person is meant by the word you?"

Our old "Look at me, who am I?" was not too wrong.

So next time your Pc says, "The Instructors are mean," don't be goofy enough to indicate the charge with "OK, you are ARC Broken because the Instructors are mean." And then be amazed when the ARC Break continues. You didn't find out "What Instructor is Instructors?" If you ask a bit further you'll find it probably wasn't "the Instructors" but somebody else. And that somebody will be a unit, not a group.

A less workable but interesting approach is "Who uses the word 'everybody' frequently?" It's of interest only because "everybody" makes a dispersal which the Pc can't see through. It will take quite a while sometimes for a Pc to spot such a person!

How many people have died heartbroken because "they" were mean to him. And it was just one vicious being who had been blown up to "they".

The Not There is also a generality because it can be anywhere. But it is a special case.

When something becomes unlocatable it can cause an ARC Break.

The cure for this one is to find out what's gone.

If you see somebody with a cold, ask "Who's gone?" and you'll be amazed at the recovery if you pursue the matter.

One concludes it's less the loss than not knowing where something has gotten to, making a one into a generality.

The common response to sudden loss is to feel everything is gone or going.

This is the state of anxiety explained.

The beaten and downtrodden respond well on this (when brought up through normal levels to the Level of Remedies).

A very sneaky question is "Who (or what) was everything to you?"

But use it sparingly. The Pc will go whole track like a flash if overworked.

Remarkably (at this late date to find it!) that's why he rather fancies his pictures! At least he has a picture of it!

Dreams follow a sudden loss. It's an effort to orient oneself and get something back.

Level VI ARC Breaks

Of course, there's nothing wrong really with a thetan but his reactive bank. He can recover from the rest. And his reactive bank is full of generalities which explains the hard ARC Breaks of Level VI. But don't tamper with Level VI if the Pc belongs at II. You can get enough locks off any day from normal life to cure the ARC Breaks you'll encounter getting up to VI.


Fortunately it doesn't always occur. Only sometimes. And when it does: Find the singular form of the generality.

In Admin particularly you save more executives that way. And in auditing you just don't have failed cases or blows if you know it.

L. RON HUBBARD LRH:wmc.aj.cden