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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- ARC Breaks and Missed Withholds - B620503
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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Разрывы АРО - Пропущенные Висхолды (2) - Б620503R78
- Разрывы АРО - Пропущенные Висхолды - Б620503R78
- Разрывы АРО - Упущенные Висхолды (2) - Б620503R78
- Разрывы АРО - Упущенные Висхолды (3) - Б620503R78
- Разрывы АРО - Упущенные Висхолды - Б620503R78
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(This bulletin has been revised to correct the definition of dirty needle.
Revision in this type style.)


(How to use this bulletin.
When an auditor or student has trouble with an “ARC breaky PC” or no gain, or when an auditor is found to be using freak control methods or processes to “keep a pc in session”, the HCO Sec, DofT or DofP should just hand a copy of this bulletin to the auditor and make him or her study it and take an HCO exam on it.)

After some months of careful observation and tests, I can state conclusively that:

All ARC Breaks stem from Missed Withholds.

This is vital technology, vital to the auditor and to anyone who wants to live.


There are no ARC Breaks when Missed Withholds have been cleaned up.

By Withhold is meant an undisclosed contra-survival act.

By Missed Withhold is meant an undisclosed contra-survival act which has been restimulated by another but not disclosed.

This is far more important in an auditing session than most auditors have yet realized. Even when some auditors are told about this and shown it they still seem to miss its importance and fail to use it. Instead they continue to use strange methods of controlling the pc and oddball processes on ARC Breaks.

This is so bad that one auditor let a pc die rather than pick up the missed withholds! So allergy to picking up missed withholds can be so great that an auditor has been known to fail utterly rather than do so. Only constant hammering can drive this point home. When it is driven home, only then can auditing begin to happen across the world; the datum is that important.

An auditing session is 50% technology and 50% application. I am responsible for the technology. The auditor is wholly responsible for the application. Only when an auditor realizes this can he or she begin to obtain uniformly marvellous results everywhere.

No auditor now needs “something else”, some odd mechanism to keep pcs in session.

Picking up Missed Withholds keeps PCs in session.

There is no need for a rough, angry ARC Breaky session. If there is one it is not the fault of the pc. It is the fault of the auditor. The auditor has failed to pick up missed withholds.

As of now it is not the pc that sets the tone of the session. It is the auditor. And the auditor who has a difficult session (providing he or she has used standard technology, model session, and can run an E-Meter), has one only because he or she failed to ask for missed withholds.

What is called a “dirty needle” (an erratic agitation of the needle — not limited in size — which is ragged, jerky, ticking, not sweeping and tends to be persistent) is caused by missed withholds, not withholds.

Technology today is so powerful that it must be flawlessly applied. One does his CCHs in excellent 2 way comm with the pc. One has his TRs, Model Session and E-Meter operation completely perfect. And one follows exact technology. And one keeps the missed withholds picked up.

There is an exact and precise auditor action and response for every auditing situation, and for every case. We are not today beset by variable approaches. The less variable the auditor’s actions and responses, the greater gain in the pc. It is terribly precise. There is no room for flubs.

Further, every pc action has an exact auditor response. And each of these has its own drill by which it can be learned.

Auditing today is not an art, either in technology or procedure. It is an exact science. This removes Scientology from every one of the past practices of the mind.

Medicine advanced only to the degree that its responses by the practitioner were standardized and the practitioner had a professional attitude toward the public.

Scientology is far ahead of that today.

What a joy it is to a preclear to receive a completely standard session. To receive a text book session. And what gains the pc makes! And how easy it is on the auditor!

It isn’t how interesting or clever the auditor is that makes the session. It’s how standard the auditor is. Therein lies pc confidence.

Part of that standard technology is asking for missed withholds any time the pc starts to give any trouble. This is, to a pc, a totally acceptable control factor. And it totally smooths the session.

You have no need for and must not use any ARC Break process. Just ask for missed withholds.

Here are some of the manifestations cured by asking for missed withholds.

1. Pc failing to make progress.

2. Pc critical of or angry at auditor.

3. Pc refusing to talk to auditor.

4. Pc attempting to leave session.

5. Pc not desirous of being audited (or anybody not desirous of being audited).

6. Pc boiling off.

7. Pc exhausted.

8. Pc feeling foggy at session end.

9. Dropped havingness.

10. Pc telling others the auditor is no good.

11. Pc demanding redress of wrongs.

12. Pc critical of organizations or people of Scientology.

13. People critical of Scientology.

14. Lack of auditing results.

15. Dissemination failures.

Now I think you will agree that in the above list we have every ill we suffer from in the activities of auditing.

Now please believe me when I tell you there is one cure for the lot and only that one. There are no other cures.

The cure is contained in the simple question or its variations “Have I missed a withhold on you?“


In case of any of the conditions l. to 15. above ask the pc one of the following commands and clean the needle of all instant read. Ask the exact question you asked the first time as a final test. The needle must be clean of all instant reaction before you can go on to anything else. It helps the pc if each time the needle twitches, the auditor says, “That” or “There” quietly but only to help the pc see what is twitching. One doesn’t interrupt the pc if he or she is already giving it. This prompting is the only use of latent reads in Scientology — to help the pc spot what reacted in the first place.

The commonest questions:

“In this session, have I missed a withhold on you?”

“In this session have I failed to find out something?”

“In this session is there something I don’t know about you?”

The best beginning rudiments withhold question:

“Since the last session is there something you have done that I don’t know about?”

Prepcheck Zero Questions follow:

“Has somebody failed to find out about you who should have?”

“Has anyone ever failed to find out something about you?”

“Is there something I failed to find out about you?”

“Have you ever successfully hidden something from an auditor?”

“Have you ever done something somebody failed to discover?”

“Have you ever evaded discovery in this lifetime?”

“Have you ever hidden successfully?”

“Has anyone ever failed to locate you?”

(These Zeroes do not produce “What” questions until the auditor has located a specific overt.)

When Prepchecking, when running any process but the CCHs, if any one of the auditing circumstances in l to 15 above occurs, ask for missed withholds. Before leaving any chain of overts in Prepchecking, or during Prepchecking, ask frequently for missed withholds, “Have I missed any withhold on you?” or as above.

Do not conclude intensives on any process without cleaning up missed withholds.

Asking for missed withholds does not upset the dictum of using no O/W processes in rudiments.

Most missed withholds clean up at once on two way comm providing the auditor doesn’t ask leading questions about what the pc is saying. Two way comm consists of asking for what the meter showed, acknowledging what the pc said and checking the meter again with the missed withhold question. If pc says, “I was mad at my wife,” as an answer, just ack and check the meter with the missed withhold question. Don’t say, “What was she doing?”

In cleaning missed withholds do not use the Prepcheck system unless you are Prepchecking. And even in Prepchecking, if the zero is not a missed withhold question and you are only checking for missed withholds amid other activities, do it simply as above, by two way comm, not by the Prepcheck system.

To get auditing into a state of perfection, to get clearing general, all we have to do is:

1. Know our basics (Axioms, Scales, Codes, the fundamental theory about the thetan and the mind);

2. Know our practical (TRs, Model Session, E-Meter, CCHs, Prepchecking and clearing routines).

In actual fact this is not much to ask. For the return is smooth results and a far, far better world. An HPA/HCA can learn the data in l above and all but clearing routines in the material in 2. An HPA/HCA should know these things to perfection. They are not hard to learn. Additives and interpretations are hard to get around. Not the actual data and performance.

Knowing these things, one also needs to know that all one has to do is clean the E-Meter of missed withholds to make any pc sit up and get audited smoothly, and all is as happy as a summer dream.

We are making all our own trouble. Our trouble is lack of precise application of Scientology. We fail to apply it in our lives or sessions and try something bizarre and then we fail too. And with our TRs, Model Session and meters we are most of all failing to pick up and clean up Missed Withholds.

We don’t have to clean up all the withholds if we keep the Missed Withholds cleaned up.

Give a new auditor the order to clean up “Missed Withholds” and he or she invariably will start asking the pc for withholds. That’s a mistake. You ask the pc for Missed Withholds. Why stir up new ones to be missed when you haven’t cleaned up those already missed? Instead of putting out the fire we pour on gunpowder. Why find more you can then miss when you haven’t found those that have been missed.

Don’t be so confounded reasonable about the pc’s complaints. Sure, they may all be true BUT he’s complaining only because withholds have been missed. Only then does the pc complain bitterly.

Whatever else you learn, learn and understand this please. Your auditing future hangs on it. The fate of Scientology hangs on it. Ask for missed withholds when sessions go wrong. Get the missed withholds when life goes wrong. Pick up the missed withholds when staffs go wrong. Only then can we win and grow. We’re waiting for you to become technically perfect with TRs, Model Session and the E-Meter, to be able to do CCHs and Prepchecking and clearing techniques, and to learn to spot and pick up missed withholds.

If pcs, organizations and even Scientology vanish from Man’s view it will be because you did not learn and use these things.