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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- ARC Break Assessment for Routine 6 - B640531

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Sthil Students LEVEL VI


The following assessment is adapted to the running of actual GPMs. Only this and L 1, Session ARC Breaks are used.

The list may also be used where the pc is not ARC broken but experiencing bad indicators or good indicators are out. But in this case it is as in Auditing by List and each line is cleaned in the meter in it’s turn. This is an auditing use.

ARC Break assessment is not auditing and is rapidly done to remove the by-passed charge causing the ARC Break without paying further attention to auditing aspects.

Be careful in using this assessment on ARC Breaks to cease to assess when the charge has been found and indicated to the pc and relief is experienced. In Auditing by List use, all the charge is picked up line by line. But not in assessing for ARC Breaks. There the major charge is found fast and indicated.

In indicating charge to a pc just repeat the charge named in the question, not the charge announced by the pc. Exception is a cheerful cognition by the pc that also reads on the meter. Then one repeats the bare bone charge announced.

PC:I realise the by-passed charge is being scolded by my pc yesterday. Auditor:(Correct) The by-passed charge here is a drop in ARC with your pc. INCORRECT:Auditor: The by-passed charge is being scolded by your pc.

Why is that incorrect? Because it insinuates the pc has been wronged and puts him at effect.

Pcs must be made causative.


List question:Has something been wrongly worded? (reads) Auditor:What could have been wrongly worded?

PC:Oh! It’s that last Item. You gave me the wrong one! Auditor:(Correct) An Item has been wrongly worded.

(Incorrect) I gave you a wrong Item.

If you used the second version, the pc would be made to seem wronged.

Always find out what the specific trouble was when the question indicates a generality. “A GPM has been missd” is all right as an indication to the pc. Indicate it and all is smooth. But as a technical necessity before you can really go on, you must now find what GPM has been missed. It may be more than one. It might have been the one just above. It might have been careless admin between sessions. And it might have been years ago on a P.E. course! If you just bull onward without knowing the score, you’ll shortly have a new ARC Break to handle. Just indicating it can cure the ARC Break. But it doesn’t cure whatever stupidity is happening on the track.

Be thorough. Be quick. Be honest. And, using this list on R6 By Passed Charge will minimise ARC Breaks. Don’t let desperation breed dishonesty. There’s always a reason for an ARC Break and, with R6, its either a session ARC Break or by passed R6 charge. Nothing else.


  1. Has an item been left charged?
  2. Has an item been skipped?
  3. Has a GPM been skipped?
  4. Has the item we’re working on already blown?
  5. Have auditing steps been neglected?
  6. Has an item been mis-read?
  7. Have two items been reversed?
  8. Have two or more pairs been reversed?
  9. Have you gone into a prior pair?
  10. Have you gone into prior goals?
  11. Has a prior series been restimulated?
  12. Has a prior GPM been restimulated?
  13. Has a prior item been restimulated?
  14. Has an improper sequence been done?
  15. Did you mis-place something?
  16. Has the reason been mis-assigned?
  17. Have more items been run than are here?
  18. Has an improper plot been used?
  19. Has something beem missed?
  20. Is this another kind of bypassed charge?
  21. Is there a session ARC Break?
  22. Have I found a GPM that is only an end word?
  23. Have I found a GPM that is really an item only?
  24. Have I found a GPM out of sequence?
  25. Have I joined the wrong GPMs?
  26. Has something been wrongly worded?
  27. Have the bottom pair been placed on a GPM?
  28. Has something correct been made incorrect?
  29. Was there nothing wrong in the first place?
  30. Has a prior GPM error been restimulated?
  31. Has a wrong goal been restimulated?
  32. Has a wrong item been restimulated?
  33. Has a wrong series been restimulated?
  34. Has the charge been missed on this list?
  35. Has a withhold been missed?
  36. Has there been no auditing?