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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Anatomy of a Service Facsimile - B780905

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Анатомия Сервисного Факсимиле - Б780905
- Аттестации Дианетических Клиров ОХС - Дополнительные Данные (Серия КС 105) - Б780905
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Facsimile: A mental picture unknowingly created; a copy of the physical universe environment, complete with all the perceptions, at some time in the past.

Service: A method of providing a person with the use of something; the action or result of giving assistance or advantage; work done; duty performed.

Computation: That aberrated evaluation and postulate that one must be in a certain state in order to succeed.

Service Facsimile: The Service Facsimile is that computation generated by the preclear (not the bank) to make self right and others wrong: To dominate or escape domination and enhance own survival and injure that of others.

Note that it is a computation, not a doingness, beingness or havingness. We could call this a “service computation” but we will maintain the term we have used to describe this phenomenon throughout the technology: “service facsimile.”

It is a computation that the pc adopted when, in an extreme situation, he felt endangered by something but could not itsa it.

It is called a service facsimile because he uses it; it is “of service” to him.

Aberration, anybody’s aberration on any subject, has been of some use to them at some time or other. You can trace it back. It’s been of some use, otherwise they wouldn’t keep mocking it up. But now, if you put it up against survival standards, you’d find it very non-survival.

The pc adopted this because he couldn’t stand the confusion in a situation. So he adopted a safe solution. A safe solution is always adopted as a retreat from the environmental restimulation. He adopted a safe solution in that instance and he survived. His safe solution became his stable datum. He has hung onto it ever since. It is the computation, the fixed idea, he uses to handle life, his service facsimile.


An idea is the thing most easily substituted for a thetan. An idea doesn’t have any mass connected with it basically. And it appears to have some wisdom in it so it’s very easily substituted for a thetan. Thus the idea, the stable datum he has adopted, is substituted for the thetan.

How does this stable datum become so fixed? It gets fixed, and more and more firmly as time goes on, by the confusion it is supposed to handle but doesn’t.

The stable datum was adopted in lieu of inspection. The person ceased to inspect, he fell back from inspecting, he fell back from living. He put the datum there to substitute for his own observation and his own coping with life, and at that moment he started an accumulation of confusion.

That which is not confronted and inspected tends to persist. Thus in the absence of his own confronting mass collects. The stable datum forbids inspection. It’s an automatic solution. It’s “safe.” It solves everything. He no longer has to inspect to solve, so he never as-ises the mass. He gets caught in the middle of the mass. And it collects more and more confusion and his ability to inspect becomes less and less. The more he isn’t confronting, the less he can confront. This becomes a dwindling spiral.

So the thing he has adopted to handle his environment for him is the thing which reduces his ability to handle his environment.

Those things which do not respond to routine auditing, that routine auditing won’t change, are rooted in this mechanism.

Therefore, it is important to find the idea on which he is so fixed. Pull the fixed idea and you free the individual for a broader perimeter of inspection.

In service fac handling the reason you get tone arm action when the fixed idea has been pulled is that the confusion which has been amassed and dammed up for so long is now running off.


Right and wrong are the tools of survival. In order to survive you have to be right. There is a level at which true rightness is analytical, and there is a level at which rightness and wrongness cease to be analytical or comprehensible. When it drops below that point it’s aberration.

The point you degenerate from survive to succumb is the point you recognize you are wrong. That is the beginning of succumb. The moment one becomes worried about his own survival he enters into the necessity to dominate in order to survive.

It goes: the insistence upon survival, followed by the necessity to dominate, followed then by the necessity to be right. These postulates go downhill. So you get an aberrated rightness or wrongness. The game of domination consists of making the other fellow wrong in order to be right.

That is the essence of the service facsimile.

The reason the service facsimile isn’t rational is because you have A=A=As along the whole line. Coming down the line it works itself back and forth in an aberrated A=A=A. If the individual is surviving he must be right. And people will defend the most fantastic wrongnesses on the basis they are being right.

In PT and at any point along the track, the fellow is trying to be right, trying to be right, trying to be right. Whatever he’s doing he’s trying to be right. In order to survive you have to be right more than you’re wrong, so you get the obsession to be right in order to survive. The lie is that he can’t do anything else except survive.

It isn’t that trying to be right is wrong — it’s obsessively being right about something that’s obviously wrong. That’s when the individual is no longer able to select his own course of behaviour. When he is obsessively following courses of behaviour which are uninspected in order to be right.

There is nothing sane about a service facsimile, there is no rationality to it. The computation does not fit the incident or event occurring. It simply enforces, exaggerates and destroys freedom of choice over the exercise of ability to be happy or powerful or normal or active. It destroys power, destroys freedom of choice.

Wherever that zone or area is you’ll see the individual worsening. He is on a dwindling spiral. But he himself is generating it.

The intention to be right is the strongest intention in the universe. Above it you have the effort to dominate and above that you have the effort to survive. These things are strong. But we’re talking here about a mental activity. A thinking activity. An intentional activity.

Survival — that just happens. Domination — that just happens. Those are not intended things. But you get down along the level of intended and it’s right or wrong. The strongest intention in the universe.

It is always an aberrated solution. It always exists in PT and is part of the environment of the pc. He’s generating it. It’s his solution. Overwhelmed as he is by it, he is still generating it. It’s aberrated because it’s an uninspected solution. And it is something that everyone unintentionally or otherwise is telling the pc is wrong and causing him to assert that it is right. The perfect solution when he first got hold of it. But now it monitors his life; it’s living his life for him. And it doesn’t even vaguely begin to take care of his life.

That is the anatomy of the service facsimile.

You are going to find these on any pc you audit. A service facsimile is the clue, the key to a pc’s case. The route to succumb which he blindly asserts is his route to survival. And every pc has more than one of these.

Fortunately, we have the tech to salvage him. We are the only ones who do.