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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Allowed Processes 1st Melbourne ACC - B591130

CONTENTS ALLOWED PROCESSES 1ST MELBOURNE ACC Melbourne 1 Melbourne 2 Melbourne 3 Melbourne 4 Melbourne 5
157 Spring Street, Melbourne, Australia
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The following processes are to be run in the last three weeks of the ACC at the option and discretion of the Instructors in consultation with individual auditors:

Melbourne 1

Arduous Case Assessment by dynamics and other means: Overt-Withhold Straight Wire only on terminals having mass and no terminals of significance only. General terminals preferred.

Melbourne 2

Preclear put in two-way comm with auditor by “Think of something you are willing to let me know.” “Think of something you could withhold.” And by other means if indicated by Instructor. Occasionally auditor asks, “How are you going?” “Is there anything you would like to tell me?” This is followed by “What would you like to confront?” alternated with “What would you rather not confront?”

Two-way comm is re-established frequently by above method where pc is in or near PT on process.

Melbourne 3

Establish two-way comm with the pc and get tone arm down by getting off all overts and withholds on any dynamic.

Run dynamic assessment. Run small amounts of alternate create with large amounts of alternate confront on the same terminal create was run on.

Commands of Alternate Create: “What part of a… would you be willing to create?” “What part of a… would you rather not create?”

Commands of Alternate Confront: “What part of a (same terminal as used for create) could you confront?” “What part of a…… would you rather not confront? “

Alternate means two questions run one after the other consecutively, one command positive followed by one negative.

Melbourne 4

Two-way comm established and continued by auditor with pc during session. Get the stories, establish the overts, pinpoint incidents in time helpfully for pc.

Melbourne 5

Assists on body to be run by Communication Processes. “From where could you communicate to a……… (body part)?” Assists for PT location to be run with “To what could you communicate from this room?”

Any other ways of cracking cases now known will be run only by Instructors.


[The above HCO B was reissued from Saint Hill as HCO B 4 December 1959, same title.]