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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


It became obvious earlier this year that clearing was now entirely dependent upon auditing quality.

Clearing is not dependent on state of case. We have cleared people since February who had very poor cases to begin — in fact some were almost famous for no gain before this year.

Clearing is not for only a certain case type. The people cleared had widely varied case types.

The common denominator of all clearing was good auditing, exactly according to the principles of auditing. The less the auditor departed from these, the more rapid was the clearing.

The following data was that data which was known and used by auditors who accomplished clearing:

TRs 0 — 4

Model Session

E-Meter Essentials Rudiments


Assessment Security Checking Routine l

Routine 1A

Routine 2

Routine 3

Pre-Hav Scale

If an auditor knew these he or she could clear people.

It is lack of knowledge of these elements that prevents clearing.

Therefore since last spring my attention has gone to auditing quality and how to improve it. As an example, the most clears exist in the area where I spent the most time. My time in that area was mainly devoted to improving auditing skill. As of this moment, the best auditors in the world exist in South Africa, and the most clearing being done is in South Africa.

Next in rank is Australia, spear-headed by Peter Williams who was trained in South Africa

To do this for all continents, I started Saint Hill training rather than Saint Hill clearing. Organizations sending people to Saint Hill, or auditors coming to Saint Hill, can obtain this necessary grooming. And thus continental clear.

But I am not trying to force this, I am letting areas wake up to it on their own.

Thus a sense of accomplishment is preserved.

Major advances have occurred, of course, in processing and processes since spring. Many of these are quite startling. Our advance in the theory of Scientology has been more rapid since January AD 11 than in any other time except perhaps 1950. The bugs are being taken out of processing to increase speed of advance, not to reach more cases.

These advances are summed up in Saint Hill tapes. I give three hour and a half lectures to the students each week and these contain the best current record of bettered technology. These tapes go to Central Organizations for use on HGCs and in Special Courses. Made at Saint Hill with a Neumann Microphone and now on an Ampex 601 Professional recorder, the tapes are flown to Washington DC and copied there, 1 for 1 speed on a battery of Ampex 600s on 1 mil Mylar tape. These copies are then flown to Central Organizations. This is working very smoothly now, thanks to the staff members concerned.

What is discovered by myself is known to Central Orgs within two weeks for use in HGCs and Courses. This is no substitute for hand grooming at Saint Hill but it is a major data record forwarded at high speed with high quality. This is data at the rate of 27,000 words a week! Or 108,000 words a month! A small river in itself since that is close to a Modern Science of Mental Health per month! The data is sorted and re-sorted in the lectures and, rather than new data, it is mainly an amplification and clarification that keeps the unknowns out.

In the past 15 days (tapes of the last half of August) some startling breakthroughs have occurred.

A brand-new speed-up for Security Checking; Why auditors won't let pcs into session; Why pcs don't gain; Why pcs ARC break; Why many old-time teams are achieving no gains; How to run a session with full gains; Why Routine 3 assessment was taking forever instead of ten hours; How to do a fully accurate assessment in ten hours.

All these and a great many more breakthroughs are on the Saint Hill tapes of the last half of August of this year.

Essential data also finds release in these HCO Bulletins in a briefer form. But all this data depends on the essentials listed above.

Before a person can become a clearing auditor he or she must know, cold, cold, cold, the items on the first list in this bulletin. Without these known, data never gets applied to the pc.