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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Adequate Tone Arm Action (S1-4) - B630925

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Адекватное Действие Ручки Тона (Саенто 1-4) - Б630925
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Central Orgs Franchise Scientology I to IV


Now that it has been established fully that a pc’s gain is directly and only proportional to Tone Arm Action, the question of how much Tone Arm Action is adequate must be answered.

These are rough answers based on direct observation of pcs after sessions.

Tone Arm action is measured by Divisions down per 2½ hour session or per hour of auditing.

TA action is not counted by up and down, only down is used. Usually the decimal system is used. But fractions can also be employed. Needle falls are neglected in the computation, only actual motion of the Tone Arm is used.

One can add up or approximate the total down Tone Arm Motion. After a session, if an auditor is keeping good reports of TA motion, one adds up all the divisions and fractions of division of Down Motion (not up) and the result is known as total TA for the session.

A needle gives about a 10th of a Division of motion in one sweep across the dial but, as above, is not used in his computation. Needle action is neglected in the add-up.

Example: As noted in the TA column of an auditor’s report, 4.5, 4.2, 4.8, 4.0, 3.5 gives you. 3 +. 8 +. 5 gives you 1.6 Divisions of TA action for that period of time. When this is done for a full 2.5 hour session the following table gives you a rough idea of what is expected and what will happen to the pc.

Amount Per Session Session Rating PC Reaction
25 Divs Excellent Feels wonderful
20 Divs Good Feels good
15 Divs Acceptable Feels “Better”
10 Divs Poor Slight Change
5 Divs Unacceptable No Change
0 Divs Harmful Gets Worse

Anything from 10 Divs to 0 Divs of Down Tone Arm for a 2½ hour session is something to do something about. One gets very industrious in this range.

For a 25 hour intensive the scale of TA divisions down for the entire intensive would be:

Amount Per Intensive Session Rating PC Reaction
250 Divs Excellent Feels wonderful
200 Divs Good Feels good
150 Divs Acceptable Feels “Better”
100 Divs Poor Slight Change
50 Divs Unacceptable No Change
0 Divs Harmful Gets Worse

The preclear’s case state can be completely predicted by the amount of TA action received in a session or an intensive.

The only exception is where the pc in running R4 (old R3) processes can get into a “creak” of by-passed goals or RIs which make him uncomfortable although TA action has been good or even excellent. A case analysis will locate the by-passed charge. On any auditing where charge has been by-passed but TA action was good the pc’s subjective reality on gain will not seem to compare with the TA action gotten in the auditing, but the moment the by-passed charge is located the gain attributable to TA action will be felt.