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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Account of Congress Goal - B620902

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It was offered at the Clearing Success Congress in Washington, September 1st to 3rd, that we would find a goal on someone at the Congress whose name would be drawn at random from a basket. We drew six names from a basket, and the subsequent interview demonstrated that four of these people had rock slams on asking for a short list of people they detested.

Jim Skelton did the interviewing and auditing and goal finding. Lieutenant Colonel Voight was selected as the most likely candidate.

Every available moment of auditing time from the first intermission to the beginning of the third day was thereafter utilized.

It was impossible to turn the rock slam back on after it had been demonstrated by the PC in the interview. Standard dynamic assessment steps were taken without avail.

A dynamic (group) was equivocally located as the dynamic the PC had overts on, and the item Scientology appeared on that list. Earlier than this, I requested Jim to ask the PC what would be the consequences of our clearing him. The PC’s answers indicated that he would have to change his whole life. On the strength of this, we used the following two questions to list goals.

  1. “What goal might you have that would be an overt against Scientology?”
  2. “If you were part of Scientology, what goal of yours would be impossible to achieve?”

Jim listed some 49 goals on the first question, and then happened to be looking at the meter, and out of the clean flowing meter suddenly appeared a rocket read. He asked the PC what the PC was thinking of, and the PC said, “Immortality, and things like that,” and Jim said, “What goal might be associated with this?” And the PC said, “To live.”

Jim wrote the goal down and Tiger Drilled it at once, ignoring the remaining goals. The goal read sporadically with ticks and one half dial drop, and seemed very alive. It was interesting that no TA action whatsoever occurred during the listing of the goals on the first question above, and that the second question was never asked. It could be speculated that the goal might have appeared on the second list, but this is of course speculation.

Jim came to my room to tell me about this, and I asked him where the pain and rock slam were. Jim said there had been none, and returned to the auditing room. Much to our relief on Jim’s return to the auditing room, the preclear informed him that he had an excruciating pain in his arm which had made him weep, so great was the intensity of it. Jim put him back on the meter, and once more resuming Tiger Drill a wide rock slam turned on, on the goal.

In the check-out session, it was obvious to the auditor that the PC needed a great deal of prepchecking to smooth him out; when he did the end rudiments on the PC, the rock slam continued straight on through the end rudiments, or would have if the auditor had not said, “Floor, floor, floor,” several times and gotten the rock slam off so that he could get the end rudiments in.

The PC’s cognitions were extreme and numerous, and the behaviour of the needle was strong and persistent, and there is no slightest doubt but what this was the PC’s goal.

This demonstration of dynamic assessment by rock slam and finding a PC’s goal with this “slight” deadline was a very adventurous activity, and we held our breaths until it had been done. As a matter of fact, we began a second PC on the second day, in hopes of at least getting one on one of the persons offered, and on the second PC were able to get a complete dynamic list as per the standard steps. This PC, on listing on the detested persons’ names, listed about a hundred and fifty items, dove straight into his bank, and had extreme manifestations of insanity, and excruciating pain. The dynamic was speculated to be the eighth, but this dynamic assessment was not complete. However, this PC’s life changed remarkably just by doing the first bit of dynamic assessment.