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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- 3-D Rules of Thumb - B611228-2
- E-Meter Electrodes - a Dissertation on Soup Cans - B611228

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Электроды е-метра - диссертация о консервных банках - Б611228
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
Central Orgs


Current practice in finding and running 3-D items, according to data to hand, gives us the following rules of thumb:

  1. Get any package you can get that checks out and reads consistently.
  2. Orient the pc as to which is term and which is oppterm.
  3. Do not try for another package. Assess and run what you’ve got.
  4. The closer to present time and the more downgraded, the more confusion as to which is term or oppterm, as the items grow more identified with each other the later they are on track.
  5. Watch early runs with a hawk eye to be sure the PH Scale isn’t being brought more alive. The moment the Scale becomes liver on successive level assessments, get off it and re-orient package and look for new comparable level items.
  6. Sudden beefing up of the whole PH Scale means bad assessment, choosing wrong
items, not making a mistake in which is term or oppterm.
  1. Run the side of the package that gives the pc sharp somatics. Avoid the side that merely makes pc dizzy or feeling fuzzy.
  2. When somatics become unchanging and many levels have been run, or when the first item being run as term blows off, reassess.
  3. Ignore comparable level. A present time sort of item as term can be run against a back track item as oppterm.
  4. In reassessing always upgrade the package, never downgrade. Ignore items of lesser magnitude and later on track than original package. Seek items of larger magnitude earlier on track.
  5. By the rule of Prior Confusion, earlier track items run best.
  6. Be as careful in orienting a second package as the first, and as alert to the PH Scale coming alive.
  7. Assessment becomes easier the more any 3-D is run.
  8. Attempt to upgrade whenever pc ceases to change for two or three sessions or the black masses will not move.
  9. It is easy to choose wrong 3-D items as the packages are so confused. Always be alert to the possibility of having done so. The goal may have been right, the selected terminal slightly off. Goals are more likely to be correct than terminals and oppterminals.
  10. Chanting the term’s Modifier at the pc, if it is right, can get the package reading again.
  11. Item reads don’t go nul by running so much as nul by invalidation. Keep invalidation by pc off the package at all times.