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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- 20th ACC Training Procedure - B580714

Washington, DC
Not for general use. HGC Auditors may find of interest.


The first day on auditing the student checks out as many other students for clear as possible with Clear Check Out Sheets and E-Meter.

Text: Ability and HCO Bulletins.

Purpose: To learn to check out clears. The way to learn clear check-out is to check out many non-clears.

How to clear a command. Clear each word once only so that the word means something to pc. Only repeat if the pc says he doesn't understand. Never ask twice „What does help mean to you?“ Clearing a command is not a repetitive process. There is no other right way to clear a command in any case. Clear the command for all sides of a bracket before running one.

All auditing and check-outs are actual. There is no student coaching except on TRs.

1. CCH 0 with emphasis on goals and PT Problem. Done thoroughly at start of every session.

2. ARC Straight Wire using following type command only - „Recall a time when you communicated with something.“ Run as a complete 9-way bracket one command each side. Use communicate only. Run until needle of meter is relatively free. Pay attention to cyclic aspect of answers.

Purpose: To loosen up bank and screens and to teach student use of a bracket and give him practice. This permits student to ease into a rather strict and exacting auditing activity without an instruction to him from an Instructor upsetting preclear as it would if Help were being used instead. Avoid beefy processes where correction, supervision and general instruction are involved. Auditor requires no verbal answer from pc, only a head nod, but checks now and then as to when the communication being recalled took place.

3. Start-C-S oldest version. Emphasis on start and stop. Run change when the start or stop seem flat and only to unflatten them.

Purpose: Smoothness of auditor control; accomplishment by pc of really controlling body. You start that body, etc., is emphasized.

4. Connectedness, control version. Sole command: „You get the idea of making that (object) connect with you.“ No other side of bracket.

Purpose: Havingness, unsticking needle, directing pc's attention.

4b. Student should scout pc's track looking for the „rock,“ spot it or something like it in minimal time, stick it good, and free with Connectedness.

Purpose: Giving student and pc confidence that some sticky business can be plowed into and gotten out of readily by use of Connectedness.

5. Help. 5 or 9-way bracket in general to groove pc in. „How could ____ help you?“ On a sticky item run one side of bracket after another, never repeat any one side twice.

Use whole track type commands, never localized this lifetime.

5a. Run „auditors“ and „preclears“ as subjects for Help. 5-way bracket. First run auditors, then pcs, then auditors, then pcs, etc.

Purpose: Clean up all past auditing.

5b. Isolate whole track „rock“ and run 5- or 9-way bracket on it. This is an adroit matter. It requires that one know the pc and audit this particular pc. It doesn't mean forcing one's own „rock“ on the pc. It requires judgment and a knowledge of valences. It may be necessary to unburden the „rock“ with several items before it appears. Free the needle on the „rock.“ Command must be phrased to include whole track version of pc's rock.

Purpose: To locate largest reality of pc and to hit squarely on what he is always mocking up obsessively.

5c. Scout Help with a general bracket to see if it is freer.

6. Step 6 as in Clear Procedure. Use simple forms.

Repeat 5, 5a, 5b, 5c and Step 6 alternately until Clear.