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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Материалы 1-го Мельбурнского ВКК - Б591118
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
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The following Technology is being taught on the 1st Melbourne ACC which began November 9, 1959, at HASI Melbourne:

Bring tone arm of meter to clear reading for sex of pc at the beginning of session by getting withholds off the case, use two-way comm and “What question shouldn’t I ask you?” and overts in PT restim on various dynamics. Auditing of processes on average pc not to begin until tone arm so registers. On lower than clear reading arms if all else fails to run S-C-S.

In extremely difficult cases to do an assessment by dynamics for current overts to get pc’s tone arm to read clear before session. Then, seeing needle changes on any one dynamic, to ferret out the overt.

75 hours spent getting pc in session not too long. Tone Arm trick to be done each session.

Create series of processes “What would you like to confront?” and “What would you like to create?” “What part of a ______ (assessed terminal) would you be willing to create?” alternated with “What part of a (same terminal) would you be willing to confront?”

Cases in 1st Melbourne were started on clearing tone arm then running “Think of entering a mind.” “Think of not entering a mind.” Alternated.

Goal of course is to get whizzing up toward OT.

Some of the scheduled processes to be run include: “What force would it be all right to use?” “What force would it be all right not to use?” The same pattern of process to be applied to postulates, spaces, masses, forms on various dynamics.

Experimental version: “What _______ (as in this paragraph) would it be all right to make?” “What ______ would it be all right not to make?”

The main valence splitter is given above in entering minds. But another easier valence splitter (similar in action to Overt Withhold Straight Wire) is “Tell me a difference between (any specific or general terminal) and yourself.” “Tell me a similarity between (same terminal) and yourself.”

The extreme version is “Tell me of a difference between yourself and a body.” “Tell me a similarity between yourself and a body.” Not necessarily recommended as not tested. This last is called Valence Differentiation.

My goal at Saint Hill, in which all Orgs are assisting, is to consolidate research and produce rapid OTs. The above processes are some of the fruits already garnered.

The 1st Melbourne Congress and ACC tapes are available from Melbourne or from HCO WW, same prices. Not too high. The full rationale of these processes and others are on these lectures and demonstration tapes of the 1st Melbourne.